Riker Family Buried at Green-Wood Cemetery

J.L. Riker’s Monument at Green Wood Cemetery

“… There has been a great deal of conflicting information about how many children Anna E. Riker Crump (J.L. Riker’s daughter – Ed.) had. I used the standard search engines and got very confused over the whole thing. Then a cousin sent me a handwritten list of Anna’s children where she wrote their names and dates of birth and signed it “My Children –  Anna E. Crump”  That was like a piece of gold to me… But of course this wasn’t enough for me. So I ponied up the money to pay Green Wood Cemetery to tell me who… is buried in the family plot there. The attached documents (I have presented Col. Riker’s one, below – Ed.) are from Green Wood. I received this back in December, but getting in touch with you about everything to do with John Lafayette Riker got to be a most fascinating diversion for a time, and now I’m back to this original issue about the 15 Crump children.

“I can say for sure, from the mother’s own list, that she did in fact have 15 children. Many of these people in the attached documents are children of Sam and Anna. But also buried in the same lot is John Lafayette Riker, who was Anna’s father of course, and also his brother, Charles Bodle Riker, who applied for the Civil War pension to take care of Anna after her father died when she was almost 14 years old.

“In addition, there is one mystery person, Mary J. Van Orsdale. She may well be a cousin, and if memory serves, she was listed as living in the Crump household…I’d have to check that to be sure, but here is why I think she was related. It was Captain John Van Arsdale who is my 7th generation ancestor, who fought all seven years of the Revolutionary War. Here’s how he is related to me. John Lafayette Riker’s wife was Ann Eliza Riker. They were first cousins. John’s parents were James Riker Sr. and Elizabeth Van Arsdale. Elizabeth’s parents were Captain John Van Arsdale and Mary (Polly) Crawford Van Arsdale. So clearly this Van Arsdale name is a family name. I just haven’t put my attention on figuring out how Mary J. Van Orsdale, who is buried in the family plot, is related. She was 72 and a widow when she died in 1887. Since the Crumps already had many children, and Anna’s father, buried in this lot, she became a part of it. One day I’ll sort out how she’s related.

“Besides these 8 Crump children, there was Samuel Crump who died in WWI, plus the rest of them who grew up and had long lives: Helen Crump (Loughran) Parsons, Adah Crump Ferris, George Crump who was the first born, Julia Elder Crump Darling who was my grandmother, and Elizabeth (Bessie) Crump Enders …and one more child…who am I forgetting? Okay…I’ve printed out all these documents and have compared them with Anna’s list of her children, and see there is a child she named as Mary, Stillborn on March 7, 1883, who is not buried at Green Wood apparently. That’s very odd since there were children born before and after her who were all buried there. Another mystery. Gosh! Ya just gotta love genealogy!

“I might also mention that Anna’s husband, Samuel Crump, is listed on a gravestone “In Memoriam” because he actually died and is buried in Shanghai, China, where he was visiting daughter Elizabeth. And there is another “In Memoriam” listed for their son Samuel Crump who died fighting in WWI and is buried in Bony, France.”

Sumbitted by Patty Hoenigman (Great-great granddaughter of J.L. Riker)

Find Green-Wood cemetery here: http://www.green-wood.com/

One of the family records obtained by Patty Hoenigman and used with permission.


Record of John L. Riker (Col.) 

Interment Number:        164872                 Lot: 4259                                             Grave: 

Date of Interment: 10 June 1862 

Place of Birth: US 

Age: 38 years 

Marital Status: Widowed 

Late Residence: Fair Oaks, Virginia      

 Place of Death: Virginia

 Cause of Death: Killed in Battle

 Date of Death: 31 May 1862

 Funeral Director: T. C. Freeborn

 Remarks: Removed to lot 16159 on 4 December 1869     

Compiled from Chronology Books by Shirra Rockwood, Green-Wood Genealogy Team

December, 2015


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